Data Policy

SensusAccess Inside Credentials

Sensus will only use your email, full name and organization/university name in order to give you the credentials to call the SensusAccess Inside/LTI tool. This enables you to embed our tool inside your Learning Management System (LMS).

SensusAccess Inside tool information

The SensusAccess Inside tool expects access to the email address of the signed in LMS user when opening the embedded link application from the LMS. This enables the tool to send an email to the signed in user with the file conversion result if the user choses to have the result document delivered by email. Sensus Aps and SensusAccess Inside does not store or use this email address for anything other than what is stated here.

LMS access

File access rights

The SensusAccess Inside expects access to view and download the files located in the course page from where the link is embedded.

SensusAccess Inside retrieves a list of files from within the course. It downloads only the files the user has requested for conversion. Sensus Aps and SensusAccess Inside does not store or use the source files for any other purpose besides the one stated here. Only the resulting converted files are kept for up to 7 days from when the conversion was made so that the requesting user can download them.

SensusAccess Inside must be granted the following permissions inside the LMS:

  • Access the email address of the signed in user
  • View all files within the course
  • Download files